Malu Trevejo Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family & Biography

Malu Trevejo Age Net Worth Boyfriend and Biography

Malu Trevejo is a young, beautiful, talented musician with over $1 million net worth. He has much to offer in the entertainment industry, including a relationship with Reese Witherspoon.

Malu Trevejo's Net Worth
Malu Trevejo's Net Worth

Net Worth$0.4 Million
NameMalu Trevejo
Date of Birth15 October 2002
Age19 Years Old

    Malu Trevejo's Body Measurements

    Malu Trevejo is a social media star. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and over 10 million views on YouTube. Her debut single, Luna Llena, is a hit on the Internet. In addition, she has collaborated with various musicians, including HRVY, for the song "hasta luego."

    Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-American who is born in Havana. She is 19 years old and currently lives in South Florida. She is a social media influencer and performs live concerts. Now, she has a net worth of $200,000. The estimated net worth of Malu is 400,000 in 2022 and $1 million in 2019.

    Malu Trevejo is a fan favorite. Fans want to see more songs from her in the future. Malu's popularity on the Internet is expected to grow.

    Malu Trevejo is currently dating Jaden Delarosa. They have been together since last year. Malu is a fitness freak and has a perfect figure. She has been training for belly dancing.

    Malu Trevejo's Family Details

    Malu Travejo's family moved from Cuba to Madrid, Spain, when she was young. After a few years, the family relocated to Miami. When she was young, she did not like school and enrolled in home school. Later on, she found that she enjoyed working on videos.

    Malu Trevejo's Net Worth

    At the age of 14, Malu Trevejo had 1.6 million followers. This earned her a salary of over $100,000. However, Malu has not attended college.

    Malu has a sister. Although she has not revealed her family's name, she has a mother and a father. Unfortunately, her father is currently incarcerated.

    Malu Trevejo has black hair and sparkling, wide black eyes. Malu has tattoos on her arms, wrists, and chest. These tattoos include a poem on her upper arm and ocean eyes on her chest.

    Malu's favorite music is pop and rap 

    She also enjoys singing in her free time. Malu's first single, Luna Llena, has more than 50 million views on YouTube. This has increased her popularity on the Internet. She has a fan following of more than 1 million fans on Facebook and more than 7 million on Instagram.

    Relationship with Reese

    One of the most popular YouTube stars is Malu Trevejo. Her profile on the platform has over 1.3 million subscribers. She earns a lot of money through music videos that are released all over the world. Aside from her vlog, she also performs live concerts.

    Malu Trevejo was born on October 15, 2002, in Cuba. The family relocated to Madrid, Spain, when she was a baby. Later, she settled in South Florida, where she lived with her mother.

    When she was 13, Malu signed with a record label. She has recorded many singles, some of which have been included in albums. However, she has yet to receive awards for her achievements. Currently, she is pursuing a career in acting and hopes to work in Los Angeles.

    While she was still in high school, Malu was seen dating rapper Youngboy. They had a 3-year age gap and dated briefly. After issues, they broke up. In the meantime, the rapper's girlfriend accused Malu of creating a disturbance.

    Malu has been in a couple of relationships, but she appears happy with her current relationship with Danny Alfonso. Although their love life is relatively new, they are getting close. They currently share a dedicated fan following on each other's social media accounts. Their relationship will cement them as a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

    Malu Trevejo has a great body. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has long black hair and curly locks. Moreover, she is rumored to be bisexual. But she may not be ready to jump into a love affair immediately.

    Malu Trevejo has dated several artists, but her most famous relationship was with Reese. She and Reese reportedly had a great relationship, but they split. This isn't the first time Malu has been linked to a YouNow artist. It's just the latest in her string of relationship entanglements.

    Though she hasn't received any awards yet, Malu has found a new partner. She recently uploaded a photo of a handsome guy on her Instagram. Previously, she had a picture of herself with Reese. However, that photo has since been deleted.

    Malu Trevejo's Music Career

    Malu Trevejo is a Cuban singer and songwriter who splashed the social media scene in 2017. She started as an online sensation by parodying popular cartoon characters, taking sexy photos, and sharing her favorite songs on She has over 10 million followers on Instagram and a successful music career.

    Malu's first music video, "Luna Llena," racked up over 33 million YouTube views within seven weeks of its release. It also earned platinum and gold certifications in 30 days. Similarly, her newest music video, "En Mi Mente," has over 10 million views.

    Malu has also appeared in the TV series HRVYVEVO. The star has also performed live across the United States. Her debut EP, Una Vez Mas, was released in August.

    Malu is a big fan of Jennifer Lopez and would like to record a duet with her.

    However, she doesn't recommend following her on social media. Despite her impressive Instagram presence, her net worth is estimated at just over $100,000.

    Malu is currently single. She was previously in a relationship with YouNow artist Reese. Despite the controversy, the two were going well until an incident broke their relationship.

    Malu has a sister named Vanessa. They have the same mother. Both of them reside in Miami, Florida. In 2020, they planned to move to Los Angeles.

    Malu has appeared on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart. Her debut single, "Luna Llena," debuted at number 27. After racking up more than 2,000 downloads, it also garnered Gold and platinum status in 30 days.

    While her career is still young, Malu has proven she is a skilled singer, dancer, and social media phenomenon. She is currently signed with the Cactus Jack Records label, which Travis Scott owns. She has also been recognized as "Pandora Radio's 2018 Latin Artist to Watch" for her contribution to the industry.

    Though she has yet to land a starring role on a TV show, Malu has a clear vision for her future. She hopes to one day attend acting lessons and pursue a career as an actress.

    Malu Trevejo's Nationality

    Malu Trevejo's Net Worth
    Malu Trevejo's Net Worth

    Malu Trevejo is a singer and social media star from Cuba. She is 19 years old, and her net worth is estimated at around $200 thousand.

    The singer has earned a lot of money by doing music videos and promoting different brands on social media. She has a YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers. This has boosted her reputation among her fans. It is rumored that she has a boyfriend named Ryan Garcia.

    Before becoming famous, Malu was a dancer interested in acting. However, she didn't go to school. Instead, she decided to pursue her passion as a singer.

    She started making skit videos for her friends when she was still a teenager. Although she had a good time, she did not like to go to school.

    At the age of 16, Malu started her career as a singer. Her first single was Luna Llena. Some of her other singles have been recorded on albums. One of her songs, En Mi Mente, reached the number-one spot on the Billboard Latin charts.

    Currently, she lives in Miami, Florida. Her father is of Spanish origin, and her mother is of Cuban.

    Malu has a fan following of more than seven million people on her Instagram account. She also has a fan page on Facebook.

    Malu has several tattoos on her body. She has a poem on her upper arm and paw prints on her wrist. A rose and Arabic words are also on her left shoulder. Besides, she has ocean eyes on her chest.

    Malu is a fan of Cardi B. Moreover, she has a good relationship with her sister.

    Malu Trevejo has a fan following of more than 7 million people on her Instagram account. Nevertheless, her popularity is still rising. Currently, she is living a luxurious life.

    She is a singer and a dancer. She has done several concerts and is doing music videos. Also, she has merchandise deals. Moreover, she has an online schooling program.

    With all these accomplishments, she is undoubtedly adding to her wealth.